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    Coogee Bay Hotel Sponsors Coogee Lions for another 5 Years!

    Coogee Bay Hotel is well renown in the local area for its work in the community, supporting the Sydney''''s Children''''s Hospital, Coogee Surf Life Saving Club, various local sporting teams and, of course, the Coogee Lions Club.
    Owner Chris Chung is committed to giving back to the community and has always been a keen supporter of our project and initiatives.
    The sponsorship deal provides not only financial support to our club for administration purposes but Chris and his staff have also been actively involved in many events. In one project we joined forces with the staff at Coogee Bay Hotel to renovate the home of a young quadriplegic man in our local area. It was a huge success and all those who participated had a great sense of achievement and community.
    Coogee Bay Hotel also assisted us more recently in running a huge Charity Auction night with all proceeds going to Prince Of Wales Hospital Foundation and Black Dog institute.
    Our members also assist the Coogee Bay Hotel in the annual Charity Golf Day which is dedicated to assisting the Sydney''''s Children''''s Hospital.
    Coogee Bay Hotel and its staff have become an integral part of Coogee Lions Club and the working relationship is fantastic. Not only are we able to jointly do great things in the community but we also have fun along the way!
    Without the Coogee Bay Hotel, we would find it very difficult to achieve the results we have in the past 5 years. We look forward to the next 5 years working with the Coogee Bay Hotel and thank them once again for their generosity and friendship.

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    $1000 raised at Coogee Carols

    Coogee Lions members raised $1000 at a sausage sizzle held at the recent Coogee Carols night.
    Club President David Morgan said: "A big thank you to everyone who pitched in at the Coogee Carols Sausage Sizzle.
    Another fantastic event where we had a lot of fun and raised around $1000 after expenses. A big thanks to Sarah and Joshua who came along and helped. You guys were fab and we hope to see you again some time.
    "Janette also rallied the troops and sold the last of the Christmas cakes!"

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    $5000 raised for local charities

    Coogee Lions Club has donated $5000 - proceeds of its recent major raffle - to two local charities: Night Patrol, which looks after local homeless youth, and Brown Nurses, which takes care of the elderly and frail in our area.
    President David Morgan said he was immensely proud of members'''''''' efforts, saying they had made a difference to their community.
    "It''''''''s been a busy second half of the year and I just wanted to say thanks. We have a great crew of people and I enjoyed our time working together in the community," he said. "Be proud that you have each made a difference in peoples lives this year. Take a well earned rest and have a fantastic Christmas."
    David said a special mention had to go to Warwick Brown, who largely organised the raffle and ticket sales.

    The prize winners of the Coogee Lions Club major raffle are:

    1st prize - James Merrell - Scooter
    2nd prize - Steven Keys - Two nights'''''''' accommodation at Coogee Bay Hotel
    3rd prize - S. Burgess - Mountain Bike

    Pictured are representatives of Night Patrol, Coogee Lions, Coogee Bay Hotel and the Brown Nurses at the drawing of the raffle.

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    Major raffle winners announced

    The prize winners of the Coogee Lions Club major raffle are:

    1st prize - James Merrell (pictured) - Scooter
    2nd prize - Steven Keys - Two nights'' accommodation at Coogee Bay Hotel
    3rd prize - S. Burgess - Mountain Bike

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    Coogee Lions begin major fundraiser

    Coogee Lions President David Morgan announced the prizes for the club''s major fundraiser this year: first prize is a scooter, second prize is a weekend''s accommodation at Coogee Bay Hotel and third prize is a mountain bike.
    All monies raised by the raffle will go to the Brown Nurses - caring for the aged - and Night Patrol - assist homeless youth. Two club members will be selling tickets ($5 each) outside Coogee Bay Hotel each Saturday between 10am and midday.
    The raffle will be drawn 17 December 2012.

  • $2000 donated to counselling service

    Coogee Lions donated $2000 to the Mandala Community Counselling Service at its August meeting.
    Mandala addresses the psychological needs of some of the most disadvantaged people in our community. Professional counsellors and psychologists volunteer their time so that disadvantaged people and clients who would not otherwise be able to access such services receive free ongoing counselling. This ongoing continuous counselling helps people rebuild shattered lives.
    Celia Ziegler of Mandala said: "Thank you so much for your phone call letting us know the amazing news that your Lions Club is offering a $2000 donation to Mandala! I can''t thank you and your Lions Club enough for your generosity. We are thrilled and quite taken aback - such a wonderful surprise to us!
    "Your money will be used to directly provide counselling services for the disadvantaged in our community.
    "It was lovely to meet you and all your group, and to hear about the wonderful work the Lions Club does."
    To donate to Mandala or for more info on their services, visit the website below.

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    Lions sizzle at National Tree Planting Day

    Coogee Lions raised more than $400 for the local community at the National Tree Planting Day recently.
    Club members Donna, Lucy, Bev, Mike and Warwick ran a sausage sizzle at the event, taking gold coin donations and helping to feed the many locals who converged on Purcell Park, Maroubra, to plant trees.
    "An awesome day!" Coogee Lions president, David Morgan, said. "Thanks for all your help! It was great to see so many smiling faces and hear the thanks back from those we fed. "Hopefully we generated some interest for new members and might even get our pic in The Southern Courier!
    "Mike and I counted the money and we had $415 in the donation bins! Fantastic."

  • Coogee Bay Hotel is a friend indeed!

    Coogee Bay Hotel has donated $5000 to the Coogee Lions.
    The money is part of the Coogee Cares initiative created by the two entities to improve the lives of local individuals and families.
    Lions use this and all their donations, for exmple, for projects as simple as repairing a local blind lady''''s back stairs to support for the Prince of Wales Hospital.
    "Coogee Lions have donated over $50,000 back into the community over the past 12 months," says club president, David Morgan. "Thanks Coogee Bay Hotel. You help us to help others."
    Coogee Bay Hotel is the major sponsor of the Coogee Lions.
    The Coogee Lions Club is a group of volunteers of all ages and of all backgrounds whose sole focus is to raise money and provide services for those in need in our local community.
    For more info on the Coogee Cares initiative, visit the website listed below.

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  • Lions help local blind lady

    Members of the Coogee Lions rushed to the aid of local blind lady after she sent them a request for help.
    The stairs and landing to her verandah at the rear of the house had collapsed, stopping her exiting from that part of the house. The repair had to be done quickly and she need people she could trust to come into her home and do the job.
    "Coogee Lions jumped right in and luckily we had the guys in the club with the right skills who went around and completed the job within the week," says club president, David Morgan.
    "It was a great experience for our guys and they said she was a pleasure to meet and we have struck up a great friendship."

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    Coogee locals tackle Everest

    Steven and Jasmin Fragias have reached Mt Everest Base Camp, raising over $6000 for cancer research along the way.
    Coogee Lions made a donation to the local pair''s campaign and members were thrilled when we received news of their summit.
    "Thank you for your big donation for Cure Cancer Australia and for supporting us in reaching the top of the world," wrote Steve and Jasmin in a letter to the club.
    Base Camp sits at over 5000m above sea level. An extraordinary effort and Coogee Lions would like to extend to Steve and Jasmin a huge congratulations.
    To donate to Steve and Jasmin, or more to the point to Cure Cancer Australia visit

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    Lions honour tireless volunteer

    The Coogee Lions'' beloved and respected secretary Wendy Law has been presented with the prestigious James D Richardson Award at the club''s annual changeover dinner.

    The award - one of the most distinguished forms of recognition available in Lions - honours Wendy''s dedication to the local community and her tireless efforts in helping to raise $230,000 over the past eight years.

    Without Wendy there would probably be no club, president David Morgan said at the presentation.

    "Wendy is one of Coogee Lions'' longest serving members, right back to the early development and chartering of the club in 2005. During this time she has served as secretary - I think on four occasions, and has selflessly volunteered for a fifth year next year - and as vice president, on at least 3 occasions," David said. "During this time she has been at the heart of our efforts in raising over $230,000 in funds to make more than $160,000 in direct community donations. Her efforts have been crucial in helping more than 250 different individuals, charity organisations, and causes.

    "A little known fact is that during this eight year period she has seen 62 different people join our club to help serve, sadly many of them have moved on now but Wendy has always been there for us and thank God she has! Quite frankly this club would probably not be still in existence today without her.

    "Typical of many female Lions, Wendy somehow successfully juggles full time parenting to sons Nick and Mitchell and spousal role to husband Michael with all demands on her time this brings.

    "Most importantly, she has generously helped many of us personally, whether it be with with her friendship and support, good-natured humour or some kind and caring words. She has opened up her home to many of us here on more than one occasion and shouted us one of those lovely reds she collects.
    Wendy is truly a member''s member!"

    Congratulations, Wendy, from everyone at Coogee Lions.

  • Careflight donation

    The Coogee Lions donated $1000 to Careflight Australia at the club''s April meeting.
    CareFlight is dedicated to providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care to the ill and injured. Specially trained doctors, nurses and paramedics use helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and road ambulances to bring a hospital level of care to patients. As a charity, Careflight relies on community support to deliver their life-saving service.
    For more information or to make a donation visit the website below.

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  • $1000 to dementia research

    A $1000 donation has been made by the Coogee Lions Club to Neuroscience Research Australia (NRA).
    The not-for-profit institute based at The Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick will use the money to further its research into dementia.
    To learn more about the NRA or to donate visit their website below.

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  • Charity Auction Night Coogee Bay Hotel Sat 2nd April - Over $10K of Prizes. $10 Entry

    Come along for a fantastc night of fun, prizes, dancing and help us raise money for the Black Dog Institute and Prince of Wales Medical Foundation. Contact David 0412 448704 or Bev 0404452508

    More details:


    The patrons at CBH last Sunday as well as enjoyng a cold beer in the sun, kicked in $1000 to assist those up north. Every cent raised will be spent on those in need. Thanks for a great effort!

  • THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR NEED VOLUNTEER DRIVERS NOW! We need both male and female drivers who may be able to spend a few hours occasionally, helping the nuns.

    A normal drivers licence is fine for the Convent mini bus. A police clearance, however, is required.
    Most jobs are simply picking up elderly folks from the Convent,and taking them for a drive.
    Please contact Bernie Keenan on either 0417 461208,or 96654530.Work is 83334781.

  • CHARITY AUCTION NIGHT.....Saturday 2nd April

    Want to help out Donate prizes or come along for a fun night Contact David Morgan 0412 448704

    More details:

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