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To Whom it may concern,
I am a Community Occupational Therapist currently employed by Prince
of Wales Hospital -Community Health. I would like to apply for
additional funding on behalf of a quadriplegic client of mine who
requires an overhead tracking ceiling hoist in his Department Of
Housing Property. My client has given me permission to apply on his

My client is a 42 year old male who sustained a spinal cord injury
through an accident when he was 18. He lives alone and has Homecare
services twice a day to help him with all his activities of daily
living. Recently, my client was diagnosed with Type 1 (Insulin
dependent diabetes) and his condition has changed. He consequently
developed a number of pressure areas and has had some serious skin
and bladder infections which have led to long periods of time in bed
in POWH hospital and at home.

He requires mechanical hoist transfers and assistance of one person
to transfer onto his bed, wheelchair and shower commode daily. In
order to make it easier to perform hoist transfers we have applied to
the Government funding program known as PADP for an overhead tracking
hoist. The PADP program has agreed to fund " the most basic, cost
effective option to meet the consumer's functional need". They have
agreed to fund a hoist worth $3,320 -"a Freeway transactive manual
traverse ceiling hoist". The problem is that these hoists are known
to be less reliable for clients and require regular repairs and
maintenance over time. When a hoist breaks down it causes a
considerable amount of inconvenience for clients with high level
needs and their carers. As an Occupational Therapist I feel that this
inconvenience in every day life can be avoided by supplying a ceiling
hoist that is more reliable, albeit more expensive upfront, but
consequently will cost less to maintain over time.

I am seeking additional funding from the Lyons Club to add to this
original amount from PADP so that we can supply a more reliable hoist
known as a "Guldmann Ceiling hoist with manual travel". This model
costs $6,081 -I have prepared an updated quote for the Guldmann hoist
for your perusal (see attached). This is a $2,761 difference in costs
-this amount would help make a big difference in the safe long term
hoisting of this young disabled person.

Thankyou for considering this application.

Roisin Browne
Occupational Therapist
Community Health Assessment and Therapy Team
Prince of Wales Hospital
Tel: 9382 8043 Fax: 9382 8021

Thank You Letter from Tony Jones

Our Coogee Bay Hotel Raffles March 2010

Coogee Cares Project

A joint initiative between Coogee Lions Club and Coogee Bay Hotel.

OBJECTIVE: To raise the profile of the Coogee Bay Hotel and Coogee Lions Club as substantial contributors to the well being of the community.

STRATEGY: To help those people in the community with building and other assistance who do not have the means to help themselves. To combine the resources of both organizations with assistance from the community to help those in need.

PLAN: Allocate $8000.00 dollars (CBH $3000, CLC $5000) and individuals to assist individuals or needy families in the area.

Number of projects -As can be managed within budget and timeframe. • Maximum $2000 per project 

Area: Coogee/Randwick Community

Selection of candidates – Elderly, Youth, Disabled, Sick, Poor. Those particularly who for one reason or another fall outside the help available from Council Services or community/ Church based charities.

HOW DO WE IDENTIFY?: Community Services at Randwick City Council  Social Services at Hospital From Community ie Media advertising etcLocal Clergy

Our First Coogee Cares Project helping Ed!